Longview Tennis Ladder … 

We have something new for the summer of 2024. We have put together a challenge ladder for your competition enjoyment! The concept of a tennis ladder is simple. Players are arranged much like the rungs of a ladder. The idea is to be at the top of the tennis ladder. It is a lot like king of the mountain. As you win, you move up the ladder. Winning players take the place of their higher ranked opponents, thus “leap-frogging” them.  Ladders are a blast. They are a great way to meet new players and improve match playing skills so sign up NOW! Rules are as follows:

–You can “play up” in age and ability, but you cannot “play down”

–You can play in up to 2 Longview Ladders

–Adult and 18 and Under Intermediate/Advanced ladders will play an 8-game set with a 10-point superbreaker at 7-7.

–Adult and 18 and Under Beginner/Intermediate ladders will play an 8-game set with a 7-point tiebreaker at 7-7.

–12 and Under Intermediate/Advanced ladder plays an 8-game set with a 7-point tiebreaker at 7-7.

–12 and Under Beginner/Intermediate ladder plays a 6-game set with a tie-breaking game played at 5-5 and uses green dot balls.

–Ladder play will begin in June and run into August

–You can challenge someone up to 3 above or 3 below

–To extend a challenge, you can call or text a player, and set a time to play your match. Challenges should be acknowledged immediately and played ASAP.

–The winner moves above the loser (or, if you were above and won, you stay where you are)

–Report the result and score of your challenge matches to: LongviewTennisChallengeLadder@gmail.com or fill out a “Ladder Match Completion Slip” at the Longview desk.

–Prizes for 1st place and Most Matches Played in each division

–The ladderboard will be on display at Longview

 Click here to sign up!