As a benefit of paid membership, courts may be reserved up to a week in advance. Time for singles is limited to one (1) hour and 1.5 hours for doubles. Please call us at 724-5227 to reserve a court.

Open courts are available throughout daylight hours at no cost.

Permanent Court Time Reservations

Paid Longview members may reserve permanent court time at Longview for the 2019 season starting at 8:00 a.m. on May 25 at the clubhouse. Requests may also be sent by mail. Either method requires that all fees be included with the application. Please mail in your request by May 21 so it can be processed by May 26. Last year’s permanent time holders will have first option for their last year’s slot-but must reserve by 10:00 a.m. Saturday May 26. One, two or three courts only are available for reservation per hour based on availability. Whether applying by mail or in person on May 26, each group requesting a permanent court time must submit a written request including the following information and fees:
1. Day of the week requested
2. Time of day
3. Number of courts needed
4. Contact person and phone number
5. $40 per court fee
6. List of group members along with their completed membership applications and fees
Remember: ALL players must be paid Longview members to reserve a permanent court.  Further, all fees for all players must be paid by May 27, 2019.  If not, the complete reservation will be cancelled.  Thank you for your cooperation.