• Longview Tennis Site Arrival/Departure Protocol

    When you arrive at your scheduled time to play tennis:
    1. Wait on a pre-marked spot at the upper gate (near the patio) on 25th
    Ave. E. until a staff member calls you forward.
    2. Check-in on the patio with a staff member. Be prepared to confirm
    your name and phone number. Walk to your assigned court.
    3. Place your belongings at the back of your side of the court. Stay on
    your side the entire time, do not switch ends.
    At the end of your scheduled time (at 10 minutes to the hour):
    1. DO NOT shake hands or socialize.
    2. Collect your items from the back of your side of the court and exit
    through the 4th street gate above court 3 immediately.
    Additional Information:
    * Court time will be available on-the-hour for 50 minutes of play (up to 1 hr.
    50 minutes max at a time). Walk up court time is ok but there is no guarantee of court avaialbility (see reservation info below).
    * Members may make reservations or perm times (additional fees apply).
    * Non-members may call within the hour to claim an open court.
    * Junior players 13-17 years old must be accompanied by a
    parent/guardian or have written permission to play singles only (no doubles
    without an adult).
    * Junior players 12 years old and younger must be accompanied by a
    * Private lessons (1 student only or more than 1 if members of the same
    household) can be arranged with an instructor.
    * There will be no water fountain or bathroom available for public use.

Longview Tennis COVID19 Guidelines for Play

(from USTA National Guidelines)

Before you play:
● Arrange to play only with family members or others who live in your household or with
individuals who are considered to be low risk.
● We recommend singles play when possible.
● We recommend every household group use their own tennis balls for serving (ie. if you
are playing singles with someone from outside your household, each player will need
their own balls to use when they serve).
● Do NOT play if you:
Are exhibiting any symptoms of the coronavirus: mild to severe respiratory illness
with fever, cough and difficulty breathing, or other symptoms identified by the
Have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
Are a vulnerable individual with any underlying health condition(s).
Preparing to play:
● Sanitize your hands before going to the tennis facility.
● Clean and wipe down your equipment, including racquets and water bottles.
● Bring water to drink (no water will be available on-site)
● Arrive as close as possible to your scheduled time.
● Avoid touching court gates, fences, benches, nets, etc.
During play:
● Stay at least six feet apart from other players. Do not make physical contact with them
(such as shaking hands or a high five).
● If you do play doubles, avoid all physical contact and no close distance to communicate.
● Avoid touching your face after handling a ball, racquet or other equipment. Sanitize your
hands promptly if you touch your eyes, nose or mouth.
● Do not share food, drinks or towels.
● Use your racquet/foot to pick up balls and hit them to your opponent or another court.
Avoid using your hands to pick up the balls (except your own balls when serving).
● Stay on your side of court. DO NOT change ends of the court.
After play:
● Sanitize your hands after coming off the court.
● No social activity should take place. No congregation after playing.
● All players should leave the facility immediately after play.
A full version of the USTA guidelines can be found at: